Jess Coleman

Jess Coleman considers herself to be your typical “girl next door.” Owning two businesses, parenting two teenage girls, and spending time with her friends, she navigates through her days just like everyone else. Most of Jess’ time is spent operating Jess Coleman & Co. and doing readings/coaching for her clients. Although you will find Jess centrally located in good ole’ Nebraska, she channels for people all around the world, including: India, England, New York, Chicago, and California. When work is finished Jess hangs out with her kiddos or friends, listens to music, reads, writes, loves to learn and teach, and plans future travel!

Jess’ Story At a young age I had run-ins with Spirit, mostly earthbound, antagonistic Spirit, that left me terrified and helped in my choice to close myself off from what I didn’t understand. Through the years I was often aware that I knew things, odd things, insights and events that those around me didn’t know but I consistently ignored these signs and messages because I didn’t understand how I knew these things and it felt a little unsettling. In my twenties I was extremely Christian, like church three times a week Christian, and during this time I had daily dialog with who I thought was GOD or Jesus and although this relationship was intimate and loving, I felt like I couldn’t quite voice it to others. I was given messages, mostly at church, to share with people around me and more times than not, I ignored what I was being told because I didn’t understand it and believed others wouldn’t either. Although I knew I was “different” I didn’t understand it or believe it while living it. I assumed everyone had the same voices, the same inner-knowing, the same dialog. Every once in a while on a brave day I would divulge messages and those on the receiving end were very receptive and curious as to how I knew such private things. “It’s GOD” I would say, feeling beyond crazy in my mind when I actually had to process and ask myself the same question! This went on for several years and then in my thirties, falling off the Christianity wagon, I left the little voice behind. I would still have my intuitive moments where I just knew, but no real dialog took place anymore between me and the voice I assumed was GOD. After finishing my Life Coaching certification in 2012 and being in the midst of receiving my MA in Counseling, I landed in a career spot where I was fully surrounded by intuitives and I started to realize what I had been hearing all that time was not insane and as I began hearing that voice again- this time I knew it was my Spiritual Collective (God/Universe, Higher Self, Guides, Angels, and my deceased loved ones). I went to a class a peer was offering to try to connect deeper with my guides; I wanted to really know them. That night I was paired with a complete stranger and told to “read” her energy. After doing a few techniques to calm ourselves down and try to connect with one another, I began talking with her mother who had passed. I felt like I was there when she had left this world and knew and felt intimate details about her and her daughter, the one I was reading. Not only was I able to speak with a Spirit or two, I knew my peers current life situation and could see specific paths she was meant to take. After all of this developed in a matter of a few hours, I went home and had a three (or 7- who’s counting??) day panic attack, trying to sort out what had just happened (this is the not so crazy version)! The end version of this long story is: my mediumship had blown itself wide open after years of stuffing it. Oh my!

My Philosophy

I am very degree/certificate driven, and love schooling and STRUCTURED learning styles, so feeling the nudge to keep on moving with this channeling thing felt unsettling and terrifying but seeing the healing that takes place with my clients is what drives and motivates me to be proud and open about my abilities. I have chosen to tune in and give out using my God-given senses we are all born with. I am not special (ok…maybe just a little!) or “different” or weird, or demonized! I am no different than you. I have chosen to develop and be in tune with this side of myself just like some are in tune with learning to be a computer programmer, or engineer. We are all born with these senses and have the tools to use them or not. So, the conclusion of my story is this… after years of feeling different, like I didn’t really fit in all of the way, making irrational life-style choices, and feeling unsettled most of the time, it has finally all come together for me and I understand how easy life flows when we live within our intuitive selves. I have traded in my elementary teaching to teach and mentor adults and am as career happy as a person could be! Never ignore that internal pull- it always leads you exactly where YOU need to be.
Love and healing,