How Can a Spirit Guide Help Me?

How Can a Spirit Guide Help Me?

In simple words, a spiritual guide is an ethereal being who is with us to help us. They could be the Ascended Masters, Angels, or someone that has incarnated, lived many lives, and has transitioned. Spirit Guides can be someone from our past lives as well. It is my understanding that we have one specific Guide who is chosen well before we incarnate on this Earth, and stays with us our entire lifetime, and others that come in and evolve as needed at different times in our lives. Let’s learn how a spirit guide can help us.

They are with us 24/7, and offer us help and direction. A deep, clear connection with the Guides is essential to understand and comprehend their guidance. They communicate to us through our senses—seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. We call them the clairs.

There are four primary ways our Spirit Guides connect with us—clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

1. Clairvoyance

Guides communicate to us visually when we are deeply engrossed in something. They will show us images as answers to our queries or as hints to those answers. Vivid dreams, mental pictures, mini movie-like images, and visions are all examples of clairvoyant guidance.

2. Clairaudience

Have you ever noticed your ears tingling out of nowhere? It is not always tinnitus. Spirit Guides are buzzing in our ears the messages they want us to know. There are times when the communications appear as voices inside our head too. In simple words, our Guides help us by encouraging us to pay attention to specific sounds, words, or noise.

3. Clairsentience

That “gut feeling” and goosebumps are two excellent examples of clairsentient messages we receive. Our body will tell us how it feels. If we are with a person with whom we are not comfortable, we will get that gut feeling indicating something is amiss. It is one of the ways our guides are warning us.

4. Claircognizance

We just know that it is happening. We will not have any substantial pieces of evidence to support us. Yet, we know that whatever we are feeling and thinking is right, and there is a sense of peace and clarity associated with the feeling.

While clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance are the primary ways our Spirit Guides guide us, there are some other ways we can receive their help.

Automatic writing

It is not a complicated process, but we need to devote some time for this one. All you need is a notebook and a pen. Prepare yourself for receiving the guidance by clearing and grounding yourself. Invite the Spirit Guide(s) and once you feel ready, ask the question. Now let the pen flow. Do not think or read whatever you are writing. After completing, express gratitude for the communication. Then you can read whatever you wrote as messages your guides have for you.

Tarot/Oracle/Angel Cards

These are, perhaps, the most beautiful ways Spirit Guides show you the right path. There are many decks available these days. Choose the one that resonates with you and go for it. Work with them after clearing their energies and prepare them to help you connect with your guides for assistance.


Pendulums show you the direction. They often give you pinpoint answers when you are clouded. And, undeniably, they are one of the tools our Guides often choose to help us.

There are many more ways they show us signs:

  • Repeated numbers
  • Feathers
  • Other signs related to our questions [coins/money in case of financial abundance]
  • Receiving impromptu messages
  • A news item suddenly popping up from nowhere

Spirit Guides can offer guidance on all aspects of our lives—life purpose, health, relationships, finance, career, wellness, spirituality, etc.—but the way they communicate with us and help us is dependent on how you build your relationship with them.

All we have to do is to seek help and open our arms with the willingness to receive their support. Have you ever communicated with your Spirit Guides? If not, maybe today is the day to start?


The Truth About Hell

The Truth About Hell

Coming from a Christian background and having my girls in Catholic school, conversations about the Bible come up frequently. We may not dissect Scripture on an analytical level, but fluid conversations about Heaven and Hell do arise, and naturally curiosity kicks in.

The Bible depicts Hell as the burning, fiery pit, the gnashing of teeth, and let us not forget the Fallen Angel with horns and a pitch fork. The underground place that will imprison your soul for all eternity if you misbehave or underserve humanity. But then there’s that parallel in the very same Scriptures about our LOVING GOD and how all is forgiven through his son, Jesus. So it’s no wonder there are questions! Quite honestly, many of us are a bit confused and conflicted by the two extremes, right?

Taking a breath…

So, the burning question (no pun intended) is well, what the hell, is there really a hell or not?? All of a sudden I hear the timer from Jeopardy in my head and the answer is… yes! There indeed is a hell and guess what? You are planted right in the midst of it. Bummer.

I’d like to give credit to grandiose stories organized religion’s attempt to keep the Gates of Hell from keeping us out of chaos, but that would be too darn easy. Think about this. From the time of birth we are taught that we must follow the Commandments and society’s guidelines of behaving or the punishments of Hell are unavoidable. This wasn’t put upon us to make our lives a living hell, but rather to set boundaries, to ensure the chaotic world would follow its strict rules with even stricter consequence if they didn’t conform. Because, it is a scary world out there (fear-based like many programmed beliefs), and with all of our individual selves and mindsets, the church and government MUST regulate us in some kind of way, right? The sad part is, this scary place of fear has brainwashed our belief system and many believe after all of our service on earth has ended, if we didn’t contribute most perfectly, and we were not the perfect being, we will encounter this blazing place of torture. So, we must wait for the big Judgement Day to determine if we will be subjected to yet another round of Hell after our long cycle of hell on earth has just ended.

I would like to open up a new conversation, being that earth is our classroom. We are here to learn, grow, and explore. GOD/Source did not send us here to pour out his wrath upon us; rather, we do this suffering to ourselves. We set up a series of lessons before we incarnate, and as we explore and grow, we often forget the lessons and actual plan. The lack of remembrance, mixed with earth being the planet of free will, can cause hiccups or turmoil, making us feel like we are being punished. Add is Karma and Dharma and Holy Hell, we have a big pot of craziness and fear thinking that someone, somewhere, must be out to get us! But fear not, this is as bad as it gets!

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t encounter a fiery pit with a devil-like being that may or may not have a nasty set of teeth when you “die,” but if this IS truly your reality in thought, you can only stay here for a limited moment in time. Your true self is love and light, and by universal law you will transmute back into that light. (An entirely different blog will discuss our creation of reality and how we can and DO create these scenes, but have control to alter them at any time. So, stay tuned for that one.)

Indeed, there is a hell right here on earth, but the FABULOUS NEWS is that WE are the devils, our own punishers, and GOD/Source is all loving and echoes to us what we desire and should focus on. We go through just one hell, and when we leave our physical body, places of brilliance, filled with love are awaiting each of us. When we reach these places, we decide if we will come back to earth, our classroom, and continue to grow and evolve. But everything is our choice.