5 Ways to Clear Negative Energy

5 Ways to Clear Negative Energy by Jess Coleman

Speaking of negative energy may have you raising your eyebrow and wondering what, exactly, “negative” means. It does not mean that you are under black magic or someone has cast a spell on you- not today, anyway (you know I like using my sarcasm)! In my world negative energy is a term that we use for any form of low, dense energy we and others around us experience or “pick up.” A situation or a person can trigger it as well as just being in a heavy area.

If you follow my work or know me in any way, I believe like attracts like and “negative” can be made into positive. So is the blending of your aura with someone else’s that may leave you feeling sluggish or sad, or the vibration you pick up in the office being around your over anxious co-workers, negative? Eh, it feels like shit but can be changed into a positive if you have good energetic self-care. The problem grows if you deny that you feel these things and start addictive behaviors to numb and not get a grip on your surroundings. Here are a few tips for positive self-care and clearing…

1. Water

Water is a natural cleanser and energizer. Place water in a spray bottle and enrich it with prayer or a cup full of Sea or Himalayan salt to enhance its cleansing properties. Cheap solution and yes, it does work magic and will wipe that black magic spell right out of your energy system! You can also charge the water by keeping it in the sunlight or moonlight. Spray it all around your home to cleanse the space or soak yourself in the water of a bath adding the above salts. You can use it at any time and a few baths a week will do your energetic field good justice. If you prefer showers, just use the spray bottle in the shower and intend that it is clearing your system.

2. Smudge with Sage

The rich smoke that arises while burning the dried sage leaves cleanses the space and your mind. Smudging with sage may also expel dense spirit energies and uplift your mood. It is one of the most popular energy cleansing tools spiritual practitioners use. It not only clears the space, but it also offers protection against denser energies in your space.

3. Using healing crystals

Black tourmaline and hematite is a great resource to help safeguard your field. It can deflect lower energies and psychic attacks (other people thinking not so fond things of you or wishing harm because they are pissy). I tell clients and family that stones work with intention but I truly do believe these two stones are great at neutralizing energies that aggravate our own.

4. Sound Therapy

Music is a healer and energy cleanser. It clears your mind. It cleanses the space. Find music that resonates with you and play it- dance your heart out! Native American drums, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Schumann Resonance, and Solfeggio Scale 417Hz are some of the sounds you could also experiment with. If those don’t sound fancy or intrigue you, your normal selection on the radio will do just fine!

5. Clear your life and space

Get rid of anything and everything that does not serve you!!! It could be relationships, beliefs, or objects. In simple words, anything that depletes or eats your energy away is clutter. Look around for such things in your home and your life. Yes this includes people, my dear! Look at your relationships and be transparent with yourself. Are they feeding or depleting your energy? When you clear your life and space, send grateful thoughts for the presence you are clearing and then release. De-cluttering could bring in enormous shifts in energy levels and well-being because you are opening yourself up for those things that work within your new vibration.

Other ways you could clear negative energies are:

  • Place clumps of Sea or Himalayan Pink salt in the corners of your room. Vacuum away the salt after some time.
  • Hanging mirrors
  • Lighting candles
  • Allowing sunlight to fill your home
  • Taking a walk in nature
  • Meditating
  • Using aroma oils to uplift the room’s energy
  • Rearranging things
  • Fixing up or eliminating broken things
  • Taking a power nap
  • Dancing
  • Doing yoga
  • Prayer
  • Call upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron to clear the space with their powerful healing energies

Every situation is unique and different. Hence, removing the energies associated with them will also be unique. Feel free to mix and match the techniques and go with your intuition. You know what suits you the best.

Love & healing,






Manifesting. Most likely you have heard of manifesting or co-creating, right? You may have actually read the books and tried the process but find you still have not successfully “manifested” the winning power-ball numbers (darn it!), the perfect soulmate, or the new career that is going to make you the happiest person alive. In frustration or even a matter of fact tone, you toss the books aside and think this must not be meant for you. Let me share with you that it IS for you and everyone else that wants to have control of their happiness and future. I’ll clue you in on how to manifest SUCCESSFULLY!

Your intentions create your reality and like attracts like. So, if you sit around and throw yourself under the bus for every mistake you make and have that “poor me” attitude, you will probably be familiar with some heavy energy, lots of small things that go wrong daily, and big problems that occur more often than others. On the flip-side, if you have a positive outlook and attitude, take things as they come, find the good in mostly everything “bad” that happens, you are familiar with a lighter energy and you are probably manifesting positive outcomes at a steady pace. Don’t panic! If you haven’t been the model of “Mr. or Ms. Positivity”, it isn’t too late!

Recognizing your low-level thoughts affect you is the first step toward changing. Start being honest about your internal judgments and all of a sudden really fabulous things start happening.Clean up your thoughts by being aware and replacing the negative with a positive. It may feel goofy at first but as you get used to catching yourself and throwing the positive in the mix, you will see major changes, fast!

Now that you are feeling positive, you need to be CLEAR, BELIEVE, and FEEL what you are trying to create. Oftentimes we think we want something and it turns out, we don’t! Be focused and sure about what you truly want and make sure you believe it can be a reality. If you do not believe you can have it, you wont! Know that it is doable and attainable, even if that means starting with smaller goals to build up your confidence while learning the manifesting process. The most important of all of the above is feeling. In order to pull that desire out of your energy system into the universal reality, you have to FEEL the emotion that goes with your desire.In order to manifest and bring all of those thoughts and goals into fruition, the energy vibration has to align with your root chakra energy. If these two energy patterns are different, daydreaming and fantasizing will remain just that, non-reality. If you can arrange for your energetic thoughts to match your first chakra’s energy as well as a few other key factors, big things start happening! Let me be honest and say I don’t expect you to hit the power-ball, however, you can shift your career, love life, health and anything else you want to shape and change, putting you in control of your future. Doing a quick meditation to align your energy centers and ask that your intentions match your chakra energy is a wonderful start to get your manifestation process going. To do this imagine one of the happiest times you have had, where you are beyond elated, and place that feeling and emotion with this new idea/concept you are manifesting. Ta Da!!! You have now manifested. See YouTube for quick 5-7 minute meditations that will help in your new routine.

Love & healing,