Suicide and Afterlife

Suicide is never an easy thing to discuss and there are many, many opinions and beliefs based on the individual’s religious/spiritual views and societies heavy hand on the subject. I’d like to talk about suicide from a spiritual perspective, from Spirit’s perspective. All mediums have their own set of ideas on suicide and spiritual connection and I have heard many that I agree with and many that make me shake my head and give a violent eye roll. I have channeled many Spirit passing by their own hand and none of them have ever stated they were in “limbo” or stuck. I remember when my little brother passed, he took his own life on my dad’s back porch and my pops found him early that morning when he went out to make sure my brother was up for work. That day shook my world, my dad’s world- he honestly has never been the same since. Back when this took place I was very Christian and it just tore my heart out of my chest to think my brother was being tortured or stuck because of his choice to leave this journey early. He was only a baby in my eyes, just short of being 19, and who is anyone to say a child full of depression should suffer and be stuck in some “bad” place? I had many sleepless nights and one anxiety attack after another pondering if this was true. Soon after his passing and deep into my uncertainties, I started receiving signs from JJ one after the other. The phone would ring but no one was there; he would send me a song I had never heard by the Nixons called “Sister” over and over and my lights would flicker and turn on and off almost on demand. (SIDE-NOTE! Remember at this point in time I was not channeling and had no idea I was a Medium!)

I built a relationship with my brother based on evidence. Anything he could give to show me he was still alive I would take and thank him. His energy and presence grew and grew each time I validated his effort. During this time I realized he wasn’t stuck or in pain or not available- he was still JJ- still available and communicating with me like a crazy guy! As a matter-of-fact my youngest daughter who is now 13 would receive validations from JJ more than I would! They had a deal where he would turn the street post light on and off for her on demand and once my girlfriend who was working in England called and asked why my brother was telling her “Monkey” or something like that. Monkey is Cendle’s nickname and my brother was giving her a message! How very cool, right?

My brother sent validation of his eternal being and I assure you if he was stuck this would not have been the case. I learned that those that cross themselves over do not get stuck and countless Spirits have confirmed this throughout my three years as a medium. Those that cross over before their lessons are learned do not escape the reality that they have to work very hard to get back on track and still very much have to deal and cope and grow through all of those emotions they bailed out on. Each Soul has their own way of doing this and their individual time frame that they will do this in. Send your loved ones prayers daily to help with this. Prayer is the most important thing we can give to those living and those in Spirit. Most importantly, don’t lose faith! Believe that those in Spirit are still very much present and in your life. Just because he or she no longer has their physical body does not mean they no longer live. Our Soul is like electricity and never, ever dissipates. It lives on eternally.
Love & Healing,

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Thank you Jess for sharing your story about JJ. It truly put me at ease. Yes, suicide is a difficult thing to accept in any society let alone Christian Faith.

  2. Kathleen Beaumont
    Kathleen Beaumont says:

    I just came across your posting of suicide. When a person commits this act and crosses over, I have read that their spirit remains at a lower level for healing/rehab that can take eons. I ‘ve also read that a spirit who crosses over by their hand has to relive the same situation in their next incarnation to learn the lesson of not taking their life. I’ve also read that a person who overcame much adversity in their younger years & never gave a thought to suicide but has suicidal thoughts later in life because they are tired of adversity, it is because those negative thoughts of suicide were placed into their life plan at that specific timing. I would appreciate your opinions on these concerns, Thank you.

    • Jess Coleman
      Jess Coleman says:

      When a Spirit crosses over, whether suicide or naturally, the Spirit goes to a specific dimension, or frequency, to evolve and continue to grow. They are never placed on hold or put in a lower “place” but rather it is like us here on earth- we all vibe differently and attract our same vibrations in those around us. Spirit does evaluate and still work through all of the emotional baggage and turmoil they carry but in a very loving environment and they have access to their loved ones at all times. Earth is our classroom and we come for lessons so there is no punishment but rather free will and opportunity. Hope this helps!

  3. niresh
    niresh says:

    go my mom passed away almost 2 years ago I miss her so much and I feel like I want to go be with her on the other side I have no employment or money life seems pointless to live anymore

    • Sharon
      Sharon says:

      Your lesson is to continue on and to look for signs that she is guiding you. Please don’t dismiss the signs that she is around you, all the time. Talk to her a though she is in the room with you and look for answers, that are easy to dismiss. Your soul is here to be worked on – like a workshop, the beauty of our lives shows up when we go to the next world, where your mom will wait for you. You are just like a cake that is not yet done.
      Become the beautiful work of art that she will guide you to become and know that she can be proud of you from the next world even though you don’t see her. pray for her as she will pray for you.

  4. Kelly Wilsey
    Kelly Wilsey says:

    A friend of mine committed suicide to see her son. She couldn’t take the pain. Do you think she got to see him?

  5. Liza
    Liza says:

    Hi Jess
    How r u? I just happen to come across reading these. I always have so many questions. I wish i could meet someone like you in person. Ive always wondered if i have some kind of special gift or maybe ive just always wanted to since i was a child. I dont know if its because iv known and heard about so many deaths, like it was just always near me. I also lost me daughter in 2011 to a horrible death. She got cheated out of her life and had to die slowly (july14th-sept12.)from the inside of her body from a bacteria then took over and then went to her brain. I help my childs body for almost an hour after we shut of the machines untill they said “you’re not going to want to be in here and longer cause you wont like what u see. I then later down the road couldnt take it any more and tryed to take my own like but ambulance was called by my husband. And before that i somehow my subconscious was trying to kill myself my no nutrition and dehydration. Once passed out on the couch and suddenly i was strapped down in a seat in a one person are craft wondering where the heck we were going. There was a man directly in front of me sitting in the pilot seat or what ever u wanna call it. After i simply wondered where he was taking my my husband shook me and said i stopped breathing. The are other times that i have felt like i have bern in the inbetween becausr of my lack of will to live. Anyways, my daughter did validate on more than one occasion that she was around and that she loves me but that settled. I guess she stopped when she saw me getting better or somthing. In 2015 my nonblood brother/best (which was like an uncle to my daughter) friend took his own life. I know the reasons why and weve been friends sinc we were kids. He was 37. Anyway we have no closure or justice from the death of my daughter and no one bothered to contact me about his passing. His father (the only living blood emidiat family he has left) did not put in much info in obituary but i completely understand that. No one wants to announce there own childs death.(i didnt even make one) i just know that before hand he was being very suicidal and his father had mentioned Josh’s will to live. I had to move away beforehand so i only got to see him once in the past few years before this happened. I have been slowly trying tomtalknto his father but i dont want to pry. All i heart by a nurse that wasnt suppose to divulge was they found him in his car. And i have wanted to know ever since. Where, how, what time. I thaught maybe if i atleast i knew where, i could go that that spot and see if i feel a connection or something? What do you think? Im sorry there is so much for me to say. I can and never will again have simplicity to my questions or answeres. Liza

  6. Sylvia Korb
    Sylvia Korb says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I have had a family member that did the same and I am not that same person. I struggled that I couldn’t save my mom and feel so quilty! I have so much people around me but I feel like the loneliest person in the world. I don’t think I will ever be the same! This article has helped me, thank you!

  7. PinkyT
    PinkyT says:

    Suffering here on earth or in another dimension seems all the same agony. What’s the difference in taking your life to stop the pain from others rather than growing in the same pain with spirits that love you enough to help you get through? Does that make sense?

  8. Murphy
    Murphy says:

    Hi Jess,
    Last Summer someone I cared deeply about came to see me at work(tavern).
    As he was getting ready to leave he ran up to me and just stared into my eyes smiling. It seemed like a long time we were there,as I walked him out the back door, he grabbed me by the face and kissed me tenderly. After he quietly said “GOOD “-“BYE”.I said see you soon. He never looked back.Twelve hours later he was gone.I was (am)DEVASTATED.
    I went to his wake 5 days later as I entered the room I heard him say “You came”!!! in my head.
    Since then I feel his presence constantly Everyday. I would see signs all the time. His name popped up on the jukebox, cards,etc.
    I felt anxiety and stress that didn’t feel like my own. I feel like I am being touched or held.I just know


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